July 28, 2014
A list I made a couple of years ago

I’ve been cleaning my apt and getting rid of all sorts when I came across two sheets of paper I wrote some years ago. One sheet was titled, “What don’t you like about Japan?” and the other, “What do you like about Japan?” Lemme share with you.

What don’t you like about Japan?

  • gropers/rape fantasy paraphernalia/porn sold in conbinis/up-skirt photo takers
  • group think
  • lack of clarity/vagueness
  • creepy white guys marrying Japanese women
  • smokers everywhere
  • people finding stereotypical foreigners amazing
  • people who walk slowly or cannot make up their minds
  • dubbed movies!! Why can’t I watch Toy Story?!
  • mayonnaise pizza! Why?!

What do you like about Japan?

  • prompt trains
  • clean subways, streets, elevators, buses
  • cute mascots, stationery, manhole covers, bentos, SOCKS
  • nomihodai
  • photographers paradise
  • recycle shops
  • respectful traditions
  • appreciation for even the smallest things
  • purikura
  • karaoke places
  • kindness, purity
  • optimism
  • discreet packaging
  • post office redelivery!
  • animals in clothes
  • tabehodai
  • peaceful weekends
  • phone email
  • men in suits
  • toilet functions
  • festivals
  • conbini
  • hanging extension cords

July 27, 2014

Say, why couldn’t Jiji speak at the end?

I started watching The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness which is a documentary about Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki.

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July 24, 2014
Catching my best friend’s eye from across the bar


This is how I act if I see someone I know in the street.

July 14, 2014

Excluding the languages you’ve studied already, what languages would you like to be fluent in?

I would love to be fluent in Spanish or French.

Name some books that have been life-changing, or incredibly memorable for you.

Embarrassing choice, but I loved Megan McCafferty’s YA book Sloppy Firsts. I also really enjoyed Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen. In both books, the authors had a way of weaving words together and making magic on the page. I don’t think I can explain it better.

How content are you with your life right now? 

70/30. I’m mostly content, but every now and then this rush of stress and anxiety rears its ugly head. Trying to move your entire life to another country is mothereffing stressful.

If you weren’t a Muggle, what would your patronus be of, you think?

I love this question. Uh…maybe a polar bear? It’d be kind of bad ass if a giant dragonfly was my patronus. It’d have to be giant though.

Are you a homeowner? Is owning a home a dream you have?

Not a homeowner, but my dream home would have a big garden with a lot of flowers. There would be wooden floors and maybe a tatami room. I’d have a fluffy sofa where people can curl up and read. Oops, didn’t answer the question…I think it’d be wise to own property.

If you got to name a capitol of a city, what would the name be?

Not sure, but something ridiculous like Lalaland or Boogietown.

Favorite breed of dog?

CORGI. (I legit sat here thinking and then it hit me with its little feet and plump body.) That or maybe a big dog like a lab.

What are some things you were recognized for growing up? 

Being quiet and good with paperwork. My dad made us log what we would spend our money on in order to get our weekly allowance. I wasn’t really recognized for a lot of things, I was kind of a shrinking violet, believe it or not.

If you could completely forget a particular memory, any memory, would you?

God, the painfully awkward years of middle school. Just imagine all those cringe worthy moments you’ve had in your life and insert an Asian woman into them.

What’s your favorite flower?

Hydrangeas, tulips, sunflowers, daises.

What was the name of the first pet you’ve ever had? If you’ve never had a pet, do you name inanimate objects?

I was never allowed a pet because my mother was convinced we’d grow bored of it and then she’d end up with a fourth child. Alternatively, I used to do gardening with her and sometimes talk to the flowers. I don’t name them, but sometimes I caress my leather purses, LOL. They’re so beautiful and the closest I’ve come to a pet, I guess.

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July 14, 2014
Dropped by the ENT today and they put me on a 5 day medicinal cocktail. I’m always gonna be surprised when I leave the doctors with 35+ pills.

Dropped by the ENT today and they put me on a 5 day medicinal cocktail. I’m always gonna be surprised when I leave the doctors with 35+ pills.

June 30, 2014
Things have been ON.

I’ve been so busy recently, it feels as if I’m living in a tornado. There was a huge lull in my writing which I think came from entering a tumultuous period of life. Let’s see, what’s been happening…

  • The air has been heavy and kinda…dirty? It’s not the clean and crisp Hokkaido air that I’m used to. Throat has been itchy and hay fever has been intense. At first I thought it was the white birch trees that many students are allergic to, but becoming more convinced it’s the air.
  • I’m trying to pack away all my books to send home via ship. “Don’t got time for these shenanigans!” Legit what I exclaimed while washing 2 days of dishes. Am feeling stressed.
  •   Am slightly concerned that Japanese coworkers do not realize how long it takes to correct English essays. Have stack of essays and more coming. I brought some home with me today, but couldn’t motivate myself to do much.
  • Watched Snowpiercer (post-apocalyptic movie) this weekend. The cinematography was gorgeous, hadn’t realized it came to Japan in February. I highly recommend it!
  • July 2nd is the USA/Belgium game. Will endeavor to wake up at 6 am to watch it! Time zones still confuse me greatly.

June 30, 2014

this is non-stop baby, you’ve got me going crazy
favourite songs | cameo lover – kimbra

link to the video. The video is really creative!

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June 4, 2014

Tumblr | via Tumblr on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/86653666



Tumblr | via Tumblr on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/86653666


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